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COVID 19 Practice Guidelines

While the coronavirus has impacted all families, FC Fusion wants to keep all players and their families safe while still providing all its services. After careful consideration, FC Fusion will continue full practices starting June 1st.

With the safety of our parents, players, and coaches in mind, FC Fusion has put forth the following guidelines for parents, players, and coaches to follow while attending team events. These guidelines run through June and are subject to change July 1st.

Thank you for your help with this during these uncertain times. We will continue to keep you updated as Texas continues to open up.

Guidelines For Players and Parents

- One parent or guardian for practices

- Parent or guardian remains six feet apart from other parents

- Check that the player has a normal temperature before bringing him or her to practices. Do not attend practices or games if the player or anyone that the player has been in contact with shows signs of COVID-19.

- Bring hand sanitizer for your player to practices and games to use when the player is not on the field.

- Double check the player has his own resources (balls, bags, water, ect.) so he or she does not share with others.

- Communicate with your coach and team manager if your player becomes sick.

- Handshaking, hugs, and high fives are NOT allowed during practices or scrimmages.

- If not on the field, the players and the players resources should be six feet apart from other players.

- Face coverings are not required for outdoor practices.

Guidelines for Coaches

- Prioritize the safety and health of players by communicating with parents about the health of their player. This includes asking parents if the players temperature was taken the day of the practice or game.

- Ask players about their health. Send home players who are not feeling well.

- Confirm that each player has his or her own equipment for the practice or game. Enforce that no players share equipment.

- Set up and pick up your own equipment. Do not allow or ask other players or spectators to help set up or pick up coach equipment.

- Have no contact drill with the exception of scrimmages.

- Display correct social distancing by refraining from handshaking, hugs and high fives and instruct your players to do the same.

- Bring hand sanitizer to be used by coaches and players.

- Face coverings are not required for outdoor practices.


David Garfias


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